Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today Lynn took me to see Les Miserable.

First off, Jerry and I went to the ATM to get some cash and we stopped at McDonald's for eggamuffin.

That's when the experiment began!!!

I had an eggamuffin, bun and all.

Lynn and Keith came by and picked up Jerry and me. We went to Moore, and ate at the Five Guys and Fries for lunch.

I got a bacon cheese burger with lettuce and tomato. And the BUN!!!

Went to the the theatre. Got popcorn and lemonade with sugar.

Movie is excellent. Watch Daniel Huddleston, he's going places.

Got heartburn around the time the movie ended.

So I didn't feel well.

Carbs don't agree with me. They give me heartburn and other problems.

This is what I have found out for ME!!

I can have carbs---IF they are vegetable carbs and not starchy carbs.

So--goodbye potatoes, bread, chips, candy, cookies, pies, cakes. Goodbye,


Now I do feel good because I had ham and carrot for supper. Coffee with cinnamon later.

Back on track. And I aim to remember how I felt today when I had eaten those starchy carbs. 

More Later, Linda