Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Have you ever looked and looked for something---like your child or your furry person.


And couldn't FIND them


Sarah has decided that since it is cold outside--but not in the house, it's never cold in our house.  Jerry thinks 120 degrees is a good temp.


Back to the subject.  Sarah has taken to cleeping a lot and MOSTLY on her back.

I just can't imagine HOW she can be COMFORTABLE!!

I mean REALLY.  On her back. Head in the floor. Feet and Hands pointing to the ceiling!!

SSSHHHH!! I think I might have disturbed her and that is NOT an option. Not when SHE'S sleeping.

I think I might have made it.  She is not awake YET!!

Hooray, I am not gonna get THE look.

You know the one.

Yeah, that look. That grandma gave when she was REALLY mad.

More later, Linda