Thursday, January 3, 2013

Four Letter Words

I know, as do all of us who have furry people, that bath is a four letter word. Or at least it causes us to use some four letter words when we are in the bath-ing process with our furry people.

I can't imagine having to bathe a furry person that is bigger than Sarah.!!!

It has got to be a horrendous process.

And then there is the other four letter words --- for some it is work.

My thought is that if you don't like your work, do something about it. If you're flipping burgers and dream about playing a guitar in Nashville. Go for it!!!

Flip those burgers to pay for lessons, to pay for going to those gigs, to pay for that trip to Nashville.

Make a goal and think on it.

How to make it work for you!!

Now onto my four letter word.


I have always been short.

I have always been not skinny!!

Now I have to be on this diet.
My way to make it work is that this is the best way to get back to optimal health.

So it is a pathway to what I want.

NOT something to feel anxious about.

It's just a path that I choose to follow to get and KEEP good health.

Health sounds a lot better than DIET!!