Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Times they are a changing

I was just looking at my iPhone.

I can make phone calls!

I can enter something to be done in the calendar.

I can keep up with my friends by Find a Friend app.

I can read my Bible with YouVersion.

I can receive and send emails from my iPhone.

I can_____________________.

You fill in the blank.

Do you realize that we didn't even have Internet until 1994?

There was no Yahoo-Google-Skype-or any other way to keep in touch with family that is far away.

When Jerry worked in Libya, and Egypt, and Ireland, and Mauritania, and Nigeria, and and and.

Not until he was working in Mexico could I communicate with him.

And that was by fax machine.!!

Now I can hold a computer in my hand!

I have instant access to Internet, long distance, and friends galore.

Times are REALLY changing!!

What's it gonna be like in another 100 years?

More later, Linda