Sunday, June 1, 2014

Today is May 31!!!!

Today is May 31st and it's 9am and FOGGY!!

Not a British fog, but one that is soft and cool.  I can't get over this cool weather. About 4 years ago by this time it was already over 100 in the daytime and in the 80's at night. That's the summer of 120 days for most of the summer.

We stayed in the house.

May 31st is also a time for me to take stock in what is going on and what I need to do.  When the kids were home it was the time that the swimming pools opened and they wanted to go. Time to make plans for getting that done and working the huge garden that we had. Planning for the canning time--new jars and lids. Vinegar for the pickles and sugar for the jams.

So what are my plans for the rest of the year??

I plan to make Jerry's life as good for him as I can. Keep him happy and not depressed. Some days that's not easy. Today he can't find his wallet. No wallet he can't drive because his driver's license is in his wallet.

I plan to FINALLY get 10 facials on my datebook.

I plan to take a big deep breath and enjoy!

Later, Linda