Friday, June 20, 2014

I know ii's late but-----!!!

I just had a thought and, yes, some of you think that that's a terrible thing for me to have this late at night.

But I will make this sweet and simple. Tonight is the shortest night of the year. What does that mean??

It means that the days will start to get shorter from now until the winter solstice. And then it all starts over again.

When we lived in England there were nights in June that it never got really dark. Drapes were very heavy and usually had dark liners so that when we would go to bed the light wouldn't keep us awake.

And then in the winter, when the kids got home from school at 3.30 it was already dark and extremely dark by 4.30.

It plays with the entire system. You can sleep or you can't when its daylight all 24 hours in a day.
And the same goes for sleeping or not when the lights have to go on by 4 in the afternoon.

So, my thought  is this---how do you adjust to the differences in light and dark to sleep or not or sleep!!

I mean, it's really light at 6 these days and yet I have learned how to sleep until 6.30. or so. sometimes even 7.30. I sleep until I wake up.

How do people do it that can't sleep when it's light or when it's dark??

I just don't know.

Well, that's what I was wondering.

More later, Linda