Tuesday, June 17, 2014


For the last four years we have not had a garden. The first 2 years we had temperature highs of 120 every day for 3+ months. Not good for plants!!!

We watered a every day. NOT good. Plants didn't grow. Even the WEEDS didn't grow!

Last year we had frosts until the middle if May. Too late to plant.

This year we are trying another way to have a garden.


It's amazing what you can grow in pots.

We have radishes, basil, two kinds, parsley, chard, japaleno pepper, garlic, tomatoes, and I think that's it. We had to put the tomato plant into a bigger pot because it was holding too much water and was drowning.

The herbs are wonderful. I have never had fresh herbs before and I go out everyday at least once and take a leaf off every herb plant.


I for one think it is a good way to have a garden. It gives us fresh food and makes a really wonderful curb appeal space.

Later, Linda