Monday, June 23, 2014

The little missus sleeps!!

We've had three Yorkies. Well, actually two. Sarah can't be full blooded and here's why. 

Sarah doesn't jump--she doesn't chase--she doesn't cuddle,she doesn't shake when it thunders and when lightening strikes, she does not do like other Yorkies. 

She's sweet tempered. She loves us 
And she loves the trash truck. 

She can hear the trash truck before it even comes over the hill. She barks and runs then. You betcha !!

It's so cute. She stands where she can cut her eyes at us and barks. If we don't let her out she does it again. Questions in her eyes. 

Don't you understand??  It's my guys here. Open the door and let me out!!!!!

Her favorite outdoor activity is chasing frogs and watching birds. 

But her most favorite thing to do is thus

I know this is why she's on RD food. Whatever RD means. It's supposed to be less fattening. And it might be if she would run or chase things or even jump into the car. 

She's a sweetie. But not like Mandy or Georgie. Maybe I should have called her Sarahie.