Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby Sitting!!

Today we are baby sitting with out grand-dog BELLA!
Bella is a rescue. She and her sister were found on the side of a road. I don't know about the sister but Bella is a runner. She was in the yard running and Sarah got in her way so she just jumped Sarah and kept right on going.

This is Van. Rose and Tyler found him in the Walmart parking lot. Just running around looking for something or someone. Right now he's hot!!! He's a hot dog!!! I love it.

And then there is Rose and Charlie who live in Edmond and we also have the two girls who live in Washington DC.

We don't get to babysit these. Because they live too far away. I don't like this but what can you do when the parent's work takes them so far away.

Now I know why mom's don't like for their kids to move away.

What am I saying???

They didn't move away-------we did.

Our only granddaughter was not even a year old when we went to Tunisia for 5 years.

And we moved to Farmington NM when she was 15 and stayed for 6 years. I made sure that I was home for the summers so I could have some time with the because by then Nonie was working all summer in OKC.

And here they are then and now. Front row is David Ray and Tyler our Dave's sons. Then Andrew our Lynn's son and at the back the Princess Nonie. Nonie couldn't be here for this Labor Day celebration so the boys did their best to recreate the picture for me. I love it.
Thank you guys for doing this for me.

Later, Linda