Saturday, June 14, 2014

Smokin' Joes!!! Yummmmo!

Last night we went with the Friday Night Dinner Ride group. There were 10 of us from Duncan and 13 from OKC. The place is so cute. 

Old oil company signs everywhere. Old barn wood on the walks. There were two long benches against the walls. Looked like old pew benches. 

But the thing was the smiles on all the crew. Smiles everywhere AND they took the time to ask if everything was alright!  

But the best was the bathroom---well the Ladies anyway. I have been in men's rooms but that's a story for another time. 

This is the Ladies. And the mirror is made out if a socket. Cute!  They painted the concrete floor a pretty cerulean blue. Soothing and matches well with the mustard yellow walls. You know the kind if mustard with a little of the crushed seeds in it. 

What else can you ask for. Ambience, good happy wait crew, and excellent food.