Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friends!! Wonderful!!

Long years ago I worked four months at Hagger slacks. All I can say is women who work in factoryies have my complete admiration. That is the hardest and most nerve wracking experience I ever went through. I had people looking down my neck all day long. I had to quit because we were going on vacation and I couldn't back out. The bills got caught up and I quit. All in all it was not a good experience. 

But then there was Louise!!

A platinum blonde with a sassy attitude. Just what I needed!!

I don't know when this picture was taken but they still look like this.

Left to right daughter Donna. Middle is Louise. And on the right is Carla. 

On Louise's birthday this year they all got together and came to Duncan and found us again. 

This is them in 2014. Beautiful, confident women. Thank you for coming back into our lives.