Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I've Heard of ---

There are a lot of things I have heard of.

Like the unicorn and the sea monsters. I've heard of snakes that row longer than a room. I've heard of King Solomon's mines somewhere in Africa.

I've heard lies and I've heard truths. But Sarah is something I have NEVER heard of before.

The other night she was running around through the house and getting down in that squatty legged run and then she would stop--put her fanny in the air and turn her head away from us.

But THEN she did this!!! She turned and twisted and ran her head ON the CARPET so she could get UNDER her little mat!!! LOOK what she did. I tried to get a picture to show her COMPLETELY under the mat but she heard me take the camera out of its case and up her head came.

If you can't figure out Sarah talk let me explain.  The look on her face is this---DADDY what is she doing NOW??? I want some peace and quiet.

And back her head went under the mat and onto the floor.

She is so much fun--even though she was only supposed to be 4 pounds and is topping the scales at 16 pounds--and that's on diet food from the vets.

More later, Linda