Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guess What SARAH did this morning???

It rained last night. Lots of rain. And then it went into Texas and there was a lot of lives lost and injuries. And it's still sprinkling here.

Jerry decided that since the grass was already wet he would put out the weed and feed and get rid of the weeds and help the grass to grow.

While we were figuring out how much of the back yard Sarah could do her business in she spotted sparrows under the lone tree.

And because it is the LONE tree, that's where we put ALL the bird feeders. That means that there is a lot of seed on the ground. And THAT'S why Sarah saw the sparrows.

Now Mandy and Georgie would have gone after them. Mandy would just jump at them and then land on her feet. Georgie would jump straight up and usually got those birds as she was turning her belly to the sun.

Ruthless!! Blood thirsty!!! What else can I say??

What did Sarah do? She laid down in the WET grass and watched those birds until they flew away.

She's kinda like Ferdinand the Bull.  Just a pacifist.

  I think we should have named her Saraie so she would keep up the tradidion that Mandy and Georgie started.

Protector of the grass.That's what they were. Nothing got in this yard that didn't deblong. Not the squirrels, the possums, the rabbits, or the birds.

More later, Linda