Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Now they tell us!

Watching morning TV and THEY said that generic drugs are probably not as good as the original because most of the active ingredients are not included.

So does that make them non-generic generic drugs?

Or does that make them nonprescription, non generic generic drugs?

Well, it doesn't matter what they call them. The government did a costly study to tell them that and all they would have had to do is get in touch with all us over 65'ers and we could tell them that generics don't work as good as brand name drugs.

So, IF generic drugs can only be made AFTER the patent has run out------why doesn't the main company make a generic WITH the original formula and charge a whole lot less.

They would still get gobs of money-----and we would still get the original formula.

But that's too easy.

More later Linda