Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Great Grand DOGS!!!

Most people who have been married as long as we have, have got at the VERY least 1---one---that's a single great grandchild.

We have great grand dogs. And they both live with Andrew and Holly. or Holly and Andrew. I just say Andrew first because he was in our family before Holly was.

Anyway--it';s been HOT in Oklahoma for the last few days--until today where it is raining right now YAY!!!!

So, those two got Charlie and Rose a swimming pool!!!

They were having a wonderful time getting in and out of the water!!! Rolling in the dirt and getting back into the water.

Have you ever done something right for a LONG time and then == for some hidden reason == what you always do --- doesn't!!!

I have ALWAYS been able to take a photo off my phone and put onto this blog.  Now--TODAY--it's not working. 


Pictures of Charlie and Rose later,

I wanted to show off my great grand dogs to everyone.

More later, Linda