Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sarah is PO'd AGAIN

It seems like Sarah can get po'd at any minute of any given day.

She gets so upset she is exhausted. I don't know what was going on here I just know that LOOK!!

"Mother, let me tell you SOMETHING!!!"

And when I don't pay attention -- as quickly as she wants -- I get in TROUBLE!!

Member when your mom would get mad? 

Yeah, it's a lot like that. My mom didn't get mad often--but when she did -- ooooo doggie was that bad!!!

She finally decided that it was time for a nap and AFTER she had wrinkled up her blanket she laid down and went to sleep.

But her eyelids were half mast.

And then the sleeping position that she like the most.  On her back.  Loves it!!

She got over her mad when Jerry brought out the ice cream. She gets to lick the bowl when he is through. Not much but just enough for her to get a small taste.

Sometimes I think that a small taste is just plain torture, but she seems to not care.

Beside that, any more and she would be bigger than a 16 pound Yorkie!!!

Things have NOT changed a bit. Except she was sick for a while and is now better and getting a LITTLE ice cream every now and then!!

More later, Linda