Monday, April 29, 2013

Yesterday we went PINK

I always wanted something DIFFERENT in our front yard.
Today I got something that I think NO ONE else has!!

 Jerry has been working on this mail box for a long time!! And of course I HAD to add the sparklies!!! I know--I KNOW that I am an old lady--after all this is my confession!!

Anyway, I love sparklies. they make me happy. God, in all His wisdom, gave us rainbows to make us happy and to remind us that He is in charge of this world.

I love prisms--they give off rainbows.  I love my Swarovski crystal animals that Jerry got for me all over the world. They sparkle -- and they remind me that Jerry loves me A LOT!!!

And while I was taking pictures, I got one of the Iris that we got years ago from Jerry's moms house.

They are so pretty now. but the ones in the yard don't bloom. Out they come in the fall and we will put them in the back yard.

And then we went across the street so we could take a picture of the mailbox in front of the house.

Isn't that a sight!!!  You would have thought I would have put up a green mailbox. But I thought that when anyone new came to our house all I have to tell them is to turn onto our street and look for the PINK mailbox.

More later, Linda