Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Well, not actually. Actually Memorial Day is the last day of May. But with the wisdom (?) of the congress they decided to have all holidays on the Monday before the actual day so people could have a long weekend.

It works---to a point. It seems like more people take this time to drink and drug and have a Party!!

Instead of taking the time to think about all those who have gone on before us and all those men and women of the military who are serving even as I type.

I am a product of WWII and the Korean war. My birthday is 20 days after Pearl Harbor. I grew up with all the tales of WWII. And I remember when Korea broke out.

We came to a street corner and there was a newspaper kid yelling --- War in Korea -- mom went berserk!  The other war had not been over 10 years when that one started.

I remember the camo netting over the roads into LA. And I remember the black out curtains. I remember RECYCLING cans, bottles and paper. We had to take the labels off the cans, wash them out and take off the other end. Then flatten them. We had to put like colored bottles in different piles. The newspapers were stacked and tied with twine. They were separated from the other papers we had to put out on the curb.

I remember when we got oleo margarine. White----it was white? So dad, artist that he was put some blue and yellow cake dye in the room temp margarine and mixed them together. We had green margarine til it was gone.

It makes the bread really STRANGE looking!!

We also had purple and a brown of some kind, but the green was the worst. I had always been told NOT to eat green food except veggies.

But the worst will have to wait until tomorrow.

More later, Linda