Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Just now saw a piece on that strip that runs under the people on Fox news that said the most incredible thing!!

Insects are better eating for the environment than cows or pigs. okay I can see what they are saying, but have they thought about what would happen to babies if we fed them grasshoppers?? I mean really.

What about the intestines of the insects--and the other areas that you can imagine and I will not mention by name. I can't see that eating the digestive section of an insect will be of any real nutritional value to babies. Or anyone else for that matter.

And how do THEY know that insects are more nutritional---have they feasted on grasshoppers for years so they can analyze the nutritional value of insects?

Don't think so BUBBA!!

Where's the calcium in a cricket?? Or a grasshopper??

And what about older people--or those of us who have bad teeth--or those of us who have allergies to insect bites and stings. How are we gonna work with that.

And what happens when we start eating all those insects and they become extinct?? We've let the herds of cows dwindle and the pods of pigs go.

No more cows or pigs.

No more grasshoppers or crickets.

Or roaches!!

Or termites!!

or any of those other insects!!

No cows, no pigs, no chickens, -------

No food---- no people!!!

No problem with the environment!!

Problem solved!

More Later, Linda