Thursday, May 9, 2013

Going through---

I've been going through stacks and stacks of papers. I found OLD income tax papers--I shredded them hummers!!!

I found the kids original birth certificates and Jerry's copy that we had to have to go to 1st grade. I found the original of our marriage license.

And I found pictures of Georgie.  Sweet little Georgie who could sit up at 5 months. She never weighted more than 5 pounds. Tiny and gentle and sweet natured. But she could tell when there was someone who would be around us that was a NOT good hearted person. She wouldn't settle. She kept watching and pacing as long as they were around. 

She would go through spells of not eating so the vet told me to give her Boost---just the vanilla. Well, one day I asked Jerry to get some for Georgie just like this I said.

He had the strangest look on his face. Vanilla?? he asked.

Yes!! I said--in a snappy attitude!!

Then I looked at the bottle and the label read---Butter Pecan.

It was the last bottle we had.

I had to apologize to Jerry -- and to Georgie.

They both forgave me.

She's a little put out with Jerry there because he was eating ice cream and she hadn't had hers yet. 

One time he decided to NOT eat ice cream for a week.

First night she looked at him and whined.

Second night she woofed a little.

Third she sat up and gave him those big puppy dog eyes.!!

Fourth night she jumped into his lap and sat there for a LONG____LONG time.

STILL no ice cream.

Fifth night she got up into his lap. Moved up onto his arms and snuggled her head into his neck and started giving him kisses.


Went to the store..

And they had ice cream that night.

She was so cute.  She was with us 17 years and we both still miss her a lot.

More later, Linda