Monday, December 31, 2012

Travel with me a little while

You know how it is. You eat something and you have lots and lots of energy??

And then you have your next meal and you don't feel so hot??

Well, the doc told me I needed to cut out the carbs---something to do with unbalanced cholesterol.

Anyway, I thought bacon and eggs, sausage and steak, all the good stuff.

So yesterday for lunch we went to the Mexican place that has the best fish in town. I had fish for lunch and a few chips. I had salad with my fish.

Did not even need a nap!!!

Finished the fish for supper and a piece of chicken fry, and a lettuce and tomato salad.

Slept like a log until 6.40 this morning.

So for breakfast I had 3 pieces of sausage. Still feel good.

Energy is back. Sleeping good. I even want to get on the dreaded stationary bike and spend some time there.

So, this is my conclusion-------

When I eat or drink anything, if I don't have energy after--oh say ---30 minutes---I shouldn't eat it.


More later, Linda