Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Andrew Called

I have THE best grandkids!!

Yesterday, Tyler called to wish Papa Happy Birthday. He was very upset because he was too busy to call on Saturday.

Not too long ago Tyler got his CDL and is now driving trucks. We are so proud of him.

Tyler, we love you. And it was a wonderful thing for you to call. Thank you.

Then, Andrew called. He an Lynn were shopping.

Andrew likes to cook, create recipes and find out the history of food!

So, he called me because they couldn't remember the name of Mexican candies that have hundreds and thousands on them. I mean sprinkles!!

Hundreds and thousands is a British name for "sprinkles".

Pastilles is the name of that sweet. Then he called back.

Beans, Nana, how do you cook your beans?

So I told him.

And bean soup. I gave him the recipe.

Nonie calls and tells me about what's going on in her part of the world.

And David Ray calls about his art work. He's working on stationary. I know he can do it. It sounds innovative, and really colorful. He's good with color.

All of our grandkids are deep thinkers and eclectic in their interests.

Love it. Keeps me hopping to keep up.

That's a good thing!!

More later, Linda