Friday, December 7, 2012

Sarah went to the Beauty Shop

Yorkie's need to go to the beauty shop or as Sarah calls it the

Booty Hop!!

Jackie is so good with the furry people who go to her place. She has a gate that they can see through separating the front and the back of the room. So that the furry people can see what's going on but can't get out the door when someone comes or goes.

Some of the furry people don't like that because their person didn't come to get them, but I think they are just being silly about that.

So anyway, it was time for a nail trim, a booty trim, and a trim around her ears, hands and feet.

Time to call Jackie. She got her in in about a week.

I told you Jackie was busy.

And Yorkie's have pretty little bows put in their hair. They are too cute when they come from the Booty Hop. Now this is not the best picture. There is nothing wrong with the camera.

She moved!!

They are just like babies. always moving!!

Here's a better one. She really likes the phone camera because it doesn't have a flash.

If you can't tell---she is about to get po'd!  Too many pictures.

Paparazzi !! RUN !!

This is the last one. I promised her.

And then she slept!!!

And this is what that pretty bow looked like the next morning!!

Oh Well!!!

She had a pretty bow for about 15 hours!!!

But you know and I know pretty isn't just a pretty bow or a pretty dress.

Pretty is from the inside. So she's pretty even WITHOUT that bow!!

More later, Linda