Monday, December 24, 2012

What do YOU do in your living room??

Bet I can beatcha!!

Over the years we have had IN OUR LIVING room a boat motor.

Not just the motor---the whole intact motor!!

Oh no!!! We had one in pieces. Next to the front door we have part number one.  Next to the hallway door we had part number whatever it was.

Dave was 4. Lynn was 6.

For a WEEK!!

Until the parts came in. Then we took the boat motor back to Grandads house to show him what Jerry had done.

Grandad kept it. Now that it was working.

Grandad also had an old rifle that didn't work so we brought the rifle back to Duncan and spread it out on the table this time. For another WEEK!!

Jerry figured out that one part had been put in backward. Changed it around and it worked. So he blued the barrel. Man does that stuff stink.

It also stains the bathtub.!

Took it back to Grandads house and he kept it. Cause it worked now.

So, after he passed and Granny was in the nursing home Jerry, Loyd and Peggy got together and split up the furniture. We got Grandads old Lazy Boy. His mom bought it in 1975.

Well, it finally needed fixing.

And-----you guessed it!

The chair is in the floor of the living room!!

Something is fouled up!! The lever doesn't work.

Well, he figured that one out. A lot of the pieces that had been glued so many years ago came unglued!!!

Got out the wood glue and glued that hummer.!!

As it was drying-----

Sarah decided that it made a good hiding place.

or maybe a
place to sleep!!!

Jerry is a fixer----and thank you JESUS the things we have had in our living room never has bothered me.

Once, in England we had a motorcycle in a box in the living room for 3 months--then he found a good mechanic that put it back together and we had a Norton cycle in the garage.

He killed a cat that got into the house in Tunisia.

In the Living Room!!!

And Lee said "and my mom thinks I do strange things in the living room".

That sounds cruel---except that the cat had rabies and we had Mandy at that time.

Anyway, this has gotten way too long.

Merry Christmas everyone,

and More later, Linda