Saturday, December 8, 2012


At our church we are doing a Christmas play.

There is nothing so drastic about that. It's about a family, at Christmas. Sounds great doesn't it??


The first night we practiced with the actors, I had a terrible time. We were almost through with the whole shebang. Going good. It was funny where it needed to be and somber where it needed to be and going good.

Then we got to the part about WWII, or for all you people born in the 1970's and up -- World War Two.

The radio station intro we did was for a fake radio station in San Francisco.

That's what did it.

I lived in LA from 1942 to 1951.

Lived with the camo netting over the streets.

 Lived with only one headlight on a car. And very few street lights.

Lived with the black curtains over the windows.

Lived with ration cards, and taking the labels off the cans, washing them and putting the tops and bottoms inside the smushed cans and putting them on the curb.

Putting all papers and grocery sacks in bundles and out to the curb they would go.

Glass jars and broken glass was put into a box and went to the curb too.

We had to wash all the labels off and colored glass and white went into separate boxes.

It's not a new concept.

And then there were the BIG, GIANT lights that would shine up the sky at night. Spot lights.

Our dad told us that they were looking for pennies in the sky.

Nuuuh Unnn!!!

They were looking for Japanese planes.

Some did make it into the lights, so probably most did not.

Those same lights were used for years at every premier of any new picture in LA. I think they probably finally wore out.

I got teary eyed. I wanted to throw things. I felt really strange.

If that's what our military has to go through, I now know how to pray for them.

Tonight is the first of the two nights that we will do a performance. I don't have any mental reflections now.

I know that our military does.

God bless every one of them.

More Later, Linda