Sunday, December 23, 2012

I did it NOW!!!

Have you ever gotten on a website to order anything.??

Well, I just tried to order Spanish Latin America from Rosetta Stone and had a few problems.

I was trying to use my card to pay for the course. That's not the problem.

The card was the problem. It expires in January 2013.

That's the problem.

So I was going to just pay for the whole thing at once. Instead of 5 payments.

I was gonna be charged for 2 programs.

So I backed out and tried again.

I was being charged for 3 programs.

I only need 1.

So I looked at the bottom of the page and there was a phone number.

I ordered one and used a different card. Got my 5 payment plan and free overnight shipping.

This is way cool.

The sales lady told me to just back out of the program to cancel the other sets. Which I did.

CIAO, senior and senorita.

More later, Linda