Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sarah's trip to Alaska

We had snow Christmas day which makes it difficult for a furry person that is so close to the ground to find a place to do her business. No what I mean?

The beginning of the journey. Snow on the rug INSIDE the door.

There goes Lynn and Keith. They made it over for leftovers for Christmas dinner.

Snow, it's beautiful!!! It's cold!! and it's a pain.!

This year Sarah decided to take someone with her on her trip to Alaska. She picked Jerry.

Obviously she got off course.!!! I wonder if she went to Hawaii instead??

Now she has to do a BIG job.  Figure that one out and you get one of our new Dimensions lipsticks!!

Exploring??? REALLY???? Looks like it!

Yep, there she goes trying to find Hawaii!!!

Trip is over and now it's time for a cuddle and a smooch and --- not from Sarah!!

More later, Linda