Thursday, November 29, 2012

Charlie left Something

On Sunday we had our Thanksgiving.  It's always so much fun when the grandsons get together. This time we had two Dave's youngest, Tyler, and Lynn's youngest, Andrew.

Dave taught them how to play cribbage. Now, mind you, my set only goes to 91 points. Dave tells me that all the ones he has known about go to 121. I don't know WHY this one is like this. I do know that it folds in the middle. The box did NOT say it was for travel.

Anyway they liked it so much that everyone of them took pictures of the board when they quit so they could finish the game at Christmas. Genius at work.

Or it could be that they grew up with phones with cameras, and iPads, and Kindles, and clouds, and all that other stuff I have never heard of.

That brings me back to finishing up the straightening after they left. By the way the table was clean when they left. No plates, no cups or glasses, no crumbs!!

Clean as a whistle. Thanks to Holly and Lynn.

So I sat in a chair to write a card to Marie, and my foot made contact with this huge rawhide bone. I know it wasn't Baby Girls because she had been here for 2 days and I had not seen it.

So it had to be Charlie's.


She MIGHT leave a small morsel for Charlie when he comes again.


More later, Linda