Monday, December 10, 2012

Back Again!!!

I have been absent too long..

Sorry to all of you. I have been helping my daughter.

Now all of you with daughters know that when they ask you for help--you help!!

Well, our Lynn came to me one day and asked for help with a project at church.

A 40foot panorama of the front of the football stadium in town..

I have done things like that. I have worked my, well, you know what , off on projects for myself.

So when Lynn asked I jumped into it with both feet.

I was not counting on the heat---even though that made the paint dry faster.

I didn't count the years between projects.  About 22 years--to be exact.

I forgot about all the backaches and the knee aches and the those other things that go along with being 70.

I just knew my daughter asked for help.

I didn't get a picture of it all together, but one of the comments made up for no picture.

One of the teens at church said "OH you even have the 12th man room. And the track and it looks JUST like it is""

They liked it and that's all the picture I need. Remembering the smile on her face is a picture.

More Later, Linda