Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sarah right after we got her.Too cute

Had I know that Sarah would be so nosy, I don't know if I would have gotten her.

I mean, REALLY??

She HAS to put her nose into every grocery sack when we bring them into the house.

She has eaten complete packages of peppermint gum.

And whole pieces of pepper mint from MY purse.

The first fall she was with us she ALMOST had to have an operation to take the---get this---pecan shells out of her stomach.

She found candy SOMEWHERE in that black hole we call the upstairs bedroom.

She found an egg mcmuffin paper SOMEWHERE in the living room. But I always put those in the sack and put the sack in the trash. We have eggamuffin after Jerry's allergy shots on Wednesdays.

And then I found these pictures. But when I tried to scan into the blog they were AWFUL. So I decided to take pictures of the pictures.

This is what I got on most of them, but then this last one came out good.
She is 4 months in this picture. She is not 3 years. And going strong. Just had to get her out from behind the couch.!!

Isn't she CUTE!!!

More later,Linda