Sunday, November 4, 2012

D and M Insurance

For all of you out there who have Furry People.

Sleeping in your beds.

Begging for a bit of steak and mushroom from your hand.

Looking at you with those puppy dog eyes while you decide to NOT give them their bath -- yet again.

 While they plead and ask you -- with those puppy dog eyes-- to not take them to get their shots EVERY year.
 While it is still the middle of winter and they are getting sick right along with us. Colds. strep throat, even thyroid problems and diabetes anything! Take them to the doctor.
 If they are running temperature! Or snorting and snotting along with the kids!
 Or if they have eaten most of your toasted ham and cheese sandwich and now have the belly ache!
 Please Sir, just another morsel????
To all of you I propose to tell you about a wonderful new idea I had this morning!!!

D and M insurance for your Furry People.

First one to figure it out gets a prize!!!

More later, Linda