Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Sarah decided that she NEEDED to go to the garage with Jerry. So out she went.

By last night at 8 pm it was COLD out there and she wouldn't wait to get her coat on. Out the door she went. Her little tail just a wiggling.

They stayed out doing -- I have NO clue.

When they came in Jerry told me she was cold and so he goes upstairs to get something.

Down he comes with a RED hand towel and proceeds to put it around her and gently put her into his recliner.

Did she like that or what??

Of COURSE she liked it. She loves it when he babies her.

You think I'm just kidding about this, take a look.
See, mom. He LOVES me. I told you so.

All wrapped up in that red towel. He;'s so cute!!

Contentment personified!!

NO!!! Not another picture! YUCK-O!!!!

Thirty minutes later and look!! She's rolled to her back and almost out of the "blanket"!!

What am I gonna do with those two???

Just love em I think is the best thing to do.

More later, Linda