Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daddy loves me and that makes it right!!

Some days it doesn't  pay to get out of bed.
Here I am trying to get some attention from my mother. Well, she was too busy. Working on her computer. Well, maybe not that busy coz she gave me a little pat a while ago.

And some days I could just pull my hair out. Mother is on the computer, daddy is on a mission to wash all the windows. I mean, HE even took them APART. Like into about 10 pieces. And then he WASHED them with soapy water.

Look----LOOK---at me. I am a MESS. From one end to the other. This must be what all those kids at high school feel like.  YUCK---OOO

I'm not, NOT going to look at that camera again. She just wants me too so she can show all her friends how cute I am.

It's nap time---and I MEAN it----this time.

This calls for a drink----of water.

Water? AGAIN?

Nap?  Maybe. Or not.

Yes---nap.  No----drink.

NAP. This is too comfy. See you two tomorrow.

There goes that blasted camera again. I think I better just get used to it.

Daddy knows what to do. !!!

More later, Linda