Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ok--is it horned lizard or horny toad???

Today Dave came over with his great Dane--named Baby Girl.  She weighs 94 pounds and she sure is pretty and strong.

Sarah is an overlarge Yorkie--she weighs in at 14 pounds. Well, she was supposed to be about 4, but she just kept on growing.  Now I've had to put her on a diet. It hasn't worked.

I think she could hear a person chomp into cream pie from a mile away!!!! And she can run that mile in about 10 seconds!!

Just a little difference in Baby Girl and Sarah. Yesterday when Dave and Baby Girl got here, Sarah bit BG's nose. It didn't phase her at all. I think Sarah was just letting her know who is the boss of this house.

To get to the problem of the horned lizard or the horny toad. We have a stuffed horny toad. We got it at the Harley shop in Temple Texas, Horny Toads of Texas. It's cute, furry, and looks just like a live one.

Guess what I found when I went to let Sarah in the house.???

You guessed it!!!!

 So, here is Sarah. She feels just a little intimidated. And look at Mr. Toad---he's about ready to jump.

I was about ready to jump, and then when I realized that the horned lizard or horny toad is not real I just had to get the camera.

And Sarah just is going to ignore the whole episode.

What is it a horned lizard or a horny toad?  I always use the spell check, just to be sure. I really thought that horny was spelled horney. Not so. There is no "e" in horny.

You are never too old to learn.

If you can tell me you get a prize.

More Later, Linda