Monday, November 19, 2012

Sleeping close to the edge!!!

Pushed out again!! That's what happened to Jerry last night.

He got up this morning and came into the living room with the longest face. Scratching his head, yawning, and frowning all at the same time. That's an accomplishment for anyone.

So I asked the stupid question, "Did you sleep well?"

All I got back was that from under the eyebrow look that all guys can do REALLY well.

I knew right then that I had asked the wrong thing?

So I tried, "Didn't sleep well?"

The answer, "ummm."

I took that for a no.

Then he said,"Go and look at your daughter!!!"

So I did. MAN oh man. NO WONDER!!

There she was, wrapped in her pink throw, actually it's mine and I made the of putting it in her big bed in the living room so I could look at it during the summer. Nonie made that for me last Christmas. She took a lot of time and it's that polar fleece. We need fleece throws in the winter here in Oklahoma. Some years more days than others.

The mistake I made was in NOT putting it in the closet with the other winter things. After I put that throw in the Sarah bed, bot Sarah and Jerry thought it was hers. I have to grab it quick when I want it. But that's for another time.

So after I took this p;picture, I decided to move over a little to the right ----

He wasn't kidding!!!

He said he was hanging out of the bed----and he meant it!!!

I guess he didn't sleep well AT ALL!!! POOR baby!!

Then Sarah decided to tell her Daddy about the why. Why she creeping over to him.

But first she had to think about it. UMMM, I guess I could tell him that I just got a LITTLE cold. Or should I tell him that I had a bad dream. Or could I tell him that I just rolled over--again--and again.

It was like this. I ummmm, I think I just got a little lonesome and just rolled over. Yeah that's it! Or maybe, I had a nightmare!!!

Well, Sarah what is it???

I ummmm, I don't bemember, Daddy. I was asleep.

And she got away with it.!!!

She gets by with a lot more than the kids ever did. Just ask Lynn.

More later, Linda