Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I know all of us have heard about OCD. Mostly, I think that we all think its something that a body is born with.

I am one of those people who really like to just go with what's happening -- or rather, I used to be. 

When I was 48 I began college. Yes---that's right--48!!

I even got my associate degree. We moved and instead of being 6 miles round trip to the campus it was 90. I decided not to go. Gas at that time was almost $4 a gallon. Scandalous !!

My last year I had to take all the "oligies". You know bi-ology, ge-ology, anthrop-ology, socio-ology. 

All those things that you HAVE to take in order to go on to higher classes. 

It was in biology class that we had to keep a journal.  I had never kept a journal. It just seemed to me to be kinda pointless. 

One night while I was putting potatoes in the microwave to bake, I put them in and took them out, 3 or 4 times.

Why? And then again "WHY ???"

Then it dawned on me!!!

I was just putting them in the microwave. No order. No system.


 There was no system to how they went into the microwave. 

I could not just THROW them into the oven without order!! Like I had ALWAYS done before!

I had developed OCD. 

I had to put the potatoes on the rack parallel with the grids. 

I was happy!

I was thinking it would go away.


Shoes have to be put down like I just stepped out of them. 

Wash clothes have to be put on the shelf with the fold to the outside. 

And potatoes have to line up with the grids on the racks in the microwave. 

If you can't fight it, embrace it!

More later, Linda