Tuesday, July 16, 2013


When I was a little girl and reading all those stories about Princesses and Queens, I always wanted to be one.

Not because of the money or the jewels or the furs. NOT!! YUCK

Make that a YUCKO!!

No, I always wanted to be a Princess because of the crown.

Saturday night I won my fourth crown. And as I am typing this I get tears in my eyes. I am just now realizing why I wanted a crown.

Crowns are the outward sign of being special. Crowns tells the world that YOU are different in a good way.

CROWNS are the BOMB.

I'm beginning to realize that I AM special. And with that comes a lot of responsibility.

We've seen it with the Queen of England and all that royalty. They are set aside from the rest of us and they do have a responsibility to BE DIFFERENT.

Take for instance, Prince Harry. He is a rounder let me tell you. Very personable and sometimes just a little bit too personable. But he has the grit to man up and tell the WORLD that he is sorry.

Royalty does that. People with CROWNS do that.

So, now that I have FOUR of them, I have a responsibility to be an example to all of you.

It's enough to make a woman cry.

More later, Linda