Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back home!!

I was glad to get back home yesterday. I enjoyed my time at seminar--as always!  This year was soooo different!

The stage went all across the ENTIRE width of the arena floor. Very open--very NEW!! 

Kinda confusing. I found myself watching the big screen floating in the center of the arena instead of the people on stage!! I think everyone did. Teleprompters and individual mikes.

New! FRESH! but confusing.

And then we had the Queen's courts.

Guess where the THRONE came from? 


Give up??

It descended from the ceiling !!

It looked like a fairy with all the flowing gauze and the lights on it.

And then----

ready for THIS ONE???

It spun around so all of us could see the Queen as she waved from her throne.

Julie would have been beside herself.!!

Learned so much.

Had some good talks with lots of people, after all there were 10,000 consultants there.

What are they going to do?

Last time we had this many they moved some of the National Directors to other seminars so we wouldn't have so many in attendance.

I know one thing---they will figure it out!!

More later----with pictures!!