Saturday, July 27, 2013

Emotions were EVERYWHERE!!

I imagine that when corporate goes to seminar or a convention, the emotions are left at home. Well, some of them will come out when someone gets drunk! That ALWAYS happens.

I imagine that NO one gets off in a corner and cries.

I imagine that NO one has a complete stranger come up to them and pats them on the back and says, You can do it!

I imagine that NO one helps you with your luggage, or gives you a seat on the shuttle, or sits with you until you have your emotions back in place---for the moment.



All of these things happened to me at Seminar last week.

I so wanted to be a Director in Qualification because in July of 1951 my mom passed and I just FELT her there with me.

I really have a lot to be thankful for. My Aunt Lillian helped me when I was having a bad day. My grandma, or Grams as we called her, was a strong woman who ruled the house with an iron thumb.She was an old lady when we went to live with her. But you would not be able to tell it.

Strong!! and loving.

Just what I needed.

I hope and pray that I take after her.

So, there I was all teary eyed and looking down that quarter mile trek to the Arena where the festivities were held, my feet hurt and so did my hips. My heart hurt because all the ones I wanted to tell about what I was feeling were not there.

And then I met this wonderful woman from SOMEWHERE in Texas. She lifted me without even knowing it.

That the kind of women I want to be around.

How is it at your work?

I'm so sorry.

More later, Linda