Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Son is HOME!!

After the funeral yesterday I had a lot of things going in my head. First off--I was thinking that we had been blessed because we don't have to face what Hog is facing right now.

We didn't have to bury our son. We didn't have to get over blaming ourselves for his death and lifestyle...

No we did enough of that when he was doing all that junk.

We still have our son. And last night he was with us for a long time. His boy and daughter in law came to see us and brought their little dog with them. His name is Van Halen -- and no, he DOESN'T look like Eddie Van Halen.!!

He's much cuter.!

Laughing and talking and carrying on til about 9,30 and it was time for Grandson and his wife and Son and his dog to be on the way.

We had a blessed evening. Thank you Lord.

More later, Linda