Monday, July 8, 2013

Water wells

Yesterday was hot!! I don't do well in hot because I do not sweat. That's dangerous!!

Anyway, I decided that I needed to water the flowers outside. I have for years filled a 2 quart pitcher with water taken said pitcher outside and poured it into one of the large pots to water the plants. \

Well, one pitcher won't do anymore -- so I take about ten.

BUT this allows me to keep my temperature at a steady level and to not get too hot.

Yesterday, Jerry decided that I needed to get the hose and water that way.

Because we are limited to certain days to water, we have been using the well water to water the flowers and the grass.

Yesterday -- yes it was only yesterday -- the well would NOT hold a prime. Jerry worked for 2 and a half hours to get it to work.

And he did it.

Being OCD with a little dementia can be a challenge for that person and the spouse.

I about went crazy.

I got too hot and a cool shower didn't really help all that much.

And Jerry walked around in all that heat dragging 300 feet or more of hose to get that pump to working.

I was not a happy camper while he was out there. I couldn't help because I would have a heat stroke.

So I got to thinking about the concert in Norman yesterday for the tornado victims. I would have been one of those in the hospital. I am so glad that we didn't go.

I have too much to do. No hospital for me.

More later, Linda