Thursday, July 18, 2013

It could have been my son!

Tomorrow we are going to the funeral of a son of a friend of ours. What makes it even worse is that he was murdered.

It could have been our son. Before he went to the last rehab, his death by murder or by his own hand went through my mind constantly. Our daughter had to start taking something to help her with what was  going on and so did I.

I would put mu clothes on the back of the chair at night so that if I needed to I could get them and go to the hospital or the ME's office as quickly as possible.

I still put the clothes on the back of the chair at night--but not out of fear. No it's a reminder to pray for all the people who are caught up into addiction.

Dave finally found the right rehab and that man told him he had PTSD from all the things that had happened while he worked in Saudia. Friends died. Other friends came home and found out they had cancer so bad that they only had months to live. People were kidnapped--kids included and on and on and I am sure things I was never told and will never be told.

I hurt for the father who lost his son. I honestly can say that I am being a little selfish because I am glad it's not my son.

But I am also sad because the young man who died didn't deserve to be mistreated like that. Murder is such a gruesome way to go.

My prayers are for the father, the rest of the family and especially for the young man. I do hope and pray that he new where he was going. Heaven is so much better that Hell.

Hell is so final.

More Later, Linda