Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wondering AGAIN!

Last night i got to wondering about that girl who is being tried AGAIN in absence in Italy. GRIEF!!! they already found her not guilty. I am so glad that we live in America. I mean, when we get through with a trial---that's it!!

Then I got to wondering about the media here and there and what goes on in journalists minds.

And then I got stuck on what went on in Libya. I mean really--why don't we know more. Is it because we need to protect something or someone. And does that someone or something really NEED to be protected. Because I am fully aware that somethings that have been said about Iraq and Afghanistan have put troops in harms way and I say --- SHAME ON WHOEVER REPORTED.

I then thought that the MEDIA could at the VERY least let us know if they are protecting that someone or something from harm.

I just want to know SOMETHING one way or another.

More later, Linda