Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sarah got SicK!!

She not only got sick---she threw up from 3.30am to 5.30 am on the very day that my cousin was coming into Oklahoma to see all of us. That wouldn't have been so bad about her being sick but it was the second night that I had not slept. So I was kinda groggy when we got to see Kenneth and May--or as I found out later Mary.

I digress--and that happens A LOT because I have so much to tell.  Anyway--Sarah woke me at 3:30 am throwing up her toe nails!! Not literally just OMG a lot of stuff!!

Poor baby!! She did NOT feel good at all. I stayed up with her for two hours after she threw up the last time because my Grandma told me that if someone doesn't upchuck for two hours they are finished with that.  It worked for my kids and it worked for all the other animals we have had over the years.

And it WORKS for SARAH!!!!

And OF COURSE Miss DRAMA QUEEN played it up good!!!

LOOK at her!!! BUTTER wouldn't melt in her mouth.  DRAMA QUEEN is right!!
That morning went  to  Lynn and Keith's house so we could spend time with Ken and May.

We had Lynn's breakfast thingie. Eggs, and sausage over crescent rolls with cheese on top. YUMM__O!!!

Then we looked around Duncan--it sure didn't take as long as it did for us when we were in DC with Nonie.

Lunch at Jonny's--the home town eating place. Food is good and you can refill your drink cup as many times as you want!!

We went by the Chisholm Trail Museum in Duncan. Walked the trail emblazoned in the concrete. It starts at the King Ranch in far South Texas and goes all the way to Wichita Kansas. Didn't go inside because we were running out of time.

Dinner at our house--we had Mexican and even though it didn't take long, when you're preparing for 12 it takes a while. .

Dave came over on Saturday and showed us Baby Girl's picture.

Look at her little puppy dog eyes!! "PLEASE daddy take me too!!!"

She really did NOT want to stay at home, but May had had some MAJOR surgeries in the early spring and he didn't want Baby Girl to hurt her in any way.

Day one was over. Tomorrow I will tell you what happened on Saturday!!

More later, Linda