Monday, March 18, 2013

It's YOUR Birthday!!!

March 26th is our Dave's birthday, But his friend Lynn had a birthday party for him on the 16th.

So Our Lynn and I got busy and did our part.

I had made a train cake for Dave every birthday from 4 or 5 to his 16th birthday.

That's when he said NO more parties.!!!

So we waited 34 YEARS to help with another one.

I decided that he needed another train cake.

There it is all iced!! Red ones are the engine and the caboose---NOT to scale. The rest so in between!

I left the chocolate cars so we could remember because so many people are allergic to chocolate.  Seems as if Dave's friends don't have allergies. The three smaller ones are vanilla.

I know you are wondering, so I am gonna tell you the yellow one is the pipe carrier--they're actually TWIX. The black on is the coal car--that's JELLY beans!!

I had TOO much fun!!!

And this year we had an ENGINE man. Fondant is lots of fun to work with.

There HE is. Looks like he has a TOUPEE!!! and no NECK!!

Don't even ASK what happened because I DON'T know!!!

It was supposed to be a picture of the man who was about to be run over by the train.

Lynn--not Dave's sister--decorated and did a wonderful job. Balloons everywhere. He really likes BLUE---and that is his nickname.

From left to right our Dave---wonderful Jerry---and Dave's boss Daniel. Dave's friends talked him into a 250 mile poker run and when they got through they had to get gas and so they were 30 minutes late getting to the place. Which, was a blessing as we were still putting finishing touches on when it was 15 minutes to 5.

Our Lynn came up with a game for everyone to play. Twelve questions about Dave. She calls it "How well do you know Dave" . Everyone had a good time with that one. She also got pictures from our albums and hers and made copies and we taped them to poster board that was just a little larger than the pictures and put them all over the tables. It was a good idea. Everyone was looking,picking them up and talking about them. Fun!!

The lady there in the yellow shirt, Christi, made Dave him favorite pizza pie. A deep dish pizza with mushrooms, jalapenos and onions, hamburger and it was GOOOOODDDDD!!!!

We very seldom get pictures of son in law Keith. He's on the left and I have forgotten the name of the other man. He rides cycles too.
And this boy---he couldn't WAIT til we cut the cake. !!!

And the cupcakes were fab too. Our Lynn got them from a bakery in Duncan. One lady even told us that they were as good as any she had ever made. So they must have been good. !!

Dave had a good time. He asked me how long we had been planning this event and when I told him 6 weeks I thought he would faint he laughed so hard.

Believe it or not!!!

We actually pulled it off.!! He had no CLUE!!