Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's a GRAY day today (:

I just love the way ALL the buttons on a keyboard are being used these days.

It is so much fun to create all those smiles and frowns, the /~ and the /* and the \/ and the :) and all those other things. I just love it. What would we be like without typing? I think better when I am typing instead of using a pen and ink.

I remember when I learned to type. I was a senior in high school, and we had to take a certain number of classes each semester. So I had taken ALL the math and science I couldd take. I also took 2 years of Latin. I know why, and it was NOT a stupid move on my part. 

My goal, in those days, was to go into nursing and I would need to know Latin so I could pronounce the names of LOTS of things in nursing school. Well, I DIDN'T go into nursing. I got married instead. But I still used the Latin---and the math---and the science---and the other things. But senior year I had all these classes I needed to take and there were no more of those I could take.

That's where the typing class came in. Along with the Home Economics class, and the chorus class.

Now, I am a painter person. I don't draw. I paint. I start out with a color block of the canvas or paper and go from there. My instructor at San Juan College is the same way. 

So that brings me back to the cold, gray day we are having. On days like this the grass is a different color. So is the sky--which most people recognize. But even the dirt is a different color. The concrete is different. Everything is more subdued---except Jerry. Today he is loosing things right and left. He is fit to be tied. 

I know what it is--it's the drab, gray sky. And the lack of sunshine. And of course the COLD.

Tomorrow is another day---now I sound like Scarlett.!!!

More later, Linda