Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh NO!!! There's something out there

This morning Sarah HAD to have the front door open so she could look outside. She IS the demanding one in our family!! Our kids didn't get away with what she does.

Just ask them!!

So I opened the glass door and out she ran. Barking and scratching grass. 

She even got down to the DIRT. Before long I saw dirt doing up into the air and over her back.

She was on the war path.

Who ever or what ever was NOT coming into HER yard. No sireebob!

And she kept looking across the street to Stephen's house. And then I spotted it!!

Do you see the cat?? I have no CLUE as to who this cat has taken up with, I just know that it comes around sometimes.

Cat is not too worried.

Dog is on FIRE!! Like Alicia Keyes----"This Girl is on FIRE""

SEE??? Cat is not worried ONE little for Sarah

She is just a little bit PUT OUT.!!!

So she hunkered down and cat---
finally looked at Sarah.!! Success!! Cat is about to get hammered!!

Sarah is getting ready to roll in the grass!!

Now she has to smell the grass where she rolled. What happened to cat?? Does it both Sarah?? Obviously NOT!! Silly old DOG.

Today she is a DOG!!

Then she runs back into the house and where is CAT??

If you look very carefully right to the left of the telephone pole you can see a small white speck.

That's CAT.

Last I saw of him, he was cleaning his paws and gloating!!

More later, Linda