Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today is March 27

You want to know why I KNOW the date?? Because our Dave's birthday was yesterday!! We all went and had supper at the Chuck Wagon in Velma OK.  I ordered the hamburger with the guacamole. YUMMM!!!!

That is not the subject of today's blog it's just a little something extra.

Today I want to talk about all the scare tactics that are being pushed down our throats by the media.
When was the last time you heard something about global warming?? How about YESTERDAY! Or when did you hear anything about terrorists? TODAY! I know that the mid America regions are in a terrible drought. Do you really think this is the first time there has been drought in the US? 

NOT on YOUR Nellie!!  Talk to any geologist. They will tell you what happened in years gone by. The Sahara in Africa was once covered in ocean. It was once a green verdant area of the world.

And then came global warming!!! Many, many, MANY years ago and the land dried and became a desert. Will that change back?? I don't know!  That's for God to decide because, after all, He is the ruler of this earth.

Things are hopping, like grasshoppers, all over the south. Jerry's brother in Texas told us about shovels full of dear grasshoppers EVERY day for over a month. And the drought has caused the price of grain to go up which means the price of grain fed animals has gone up. So, cut out some of the Starbucks, or cigarettes, or games for the kids. Food is more important anyway.

In other words, this is a time for us all to adapt. ADAPT is NOT a four letter word!!

More later, Linda