Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I know this blog is about confessing, but I do more thinking then ANYTHING I need to confess -- my question for today is this--

Why do you think that the ENTIRE congress is so selfish???

Now before you go into all that rigmarole about Democrats vs. Republicans  or  even Republicans vs. Democrats let us remember ONE thing.

They should all be American FIRST!!

And if they were they would be working for the good of this country and not for their PARTY. Which is what they all do -- PARTY!! Night and day, weekends, because they are working so hard. My grandson works 120 hours a week. He can't go home or he would loose his job.

My husband and son worked in very difficult places. Our son worked in Saudi for 18 years. NOT easy. He got ptsd there. Did he get special aattention?? NOT!!!

My husband worked in 17 countries. One was Libya. And speaking of Libya---why hasnt the congress told the people of America why American people were slaughtered in Libya last October? 
What's going on???


Let's fire them all and get some new people that understand that WE are the employer.  WE pay their salary and benefits--which by the way THEY want to cut into our benefits with a long very sharp knife.

It's not long until there will be an election of some sort.


More later, Linda