Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Strange things are happening

We actually have earthquakes in Oklahoma. When we bought this house in 1970 the front porch was cracked right down the middle. In 1979 we put a new porch on AND a walkway and they are cracked. In the SAME place. 

The house is on a fault line. 

We've had possums and squirrels. Lots and LOTS of gophers. We even had moles at one time. 

All outside. 

But today the strange thing was inside. 

The kitchen to be exact. 

I came into the kitchen to fix breakfast and a something yellow JUMPED at me. 

It was a 


Jerry told me it just JUMPED into his hands. So he was gonna eat it. 

It's wonderful to see him being silly. 

Beats the stuffing out of being sad about having memory loss.